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Helping customers achieve greatest ROI with Barco

The Channel Post Staff
Channel Post speaks with Ramzi Itani, Vice President for Middle East and Africa Operations at Barco, about his new role, his vision and opportunities for the company in the region. Barco has been present in the region for a long time, but you have recently joined the organization, how would you define your role in the organization and what is your vision for this company in the region? What kind of growth is Barco expecting to achieve in 2018? I am […]

AI to add $182 billion to UAE economy by 2035

Sarah Rizvi
Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to boost economic growth in the United Arab Emirates by 1.6 percentage points and add US$182 billion to the national economy by 2035, according to a recent report by Accenture. The report looked at 15 industries in the UAE and 13 in Saudi Arabia to determine the potential sector-specific impact of AI on the economies of the Middle East.