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HP introduces new ProBook laptops

The Channel Post Staff
HP is today introduced the HP ProBook 445 G6 and HP ProBook 455 G6 PCs designed for SMBs who have the passion for business and they want a device that includes everything required to get the job done both in and outside the office – from modern design, performance and long battery life,

Review: AMD Ryzen 3 1300X

Chris N. Fernando
2017 has indeed been a great year for PC enthusiasts and gamers alike, as the newly released AMD Ryzen processors are the perfect alternatives to Intel’s costly 6/8-core CPU line-up. AMD also wants a piece of the cheaper PC market share, and so, they recently launched the Ryzen 3 processors for entry-level PC builds. The consumer line-up of the Ryzen 3 series comprises of the R3 1300X and the R3 1200, featuring 8MB of L3 cache and a modest TDP […]