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Abu Dhabi deploys Cisco solutions

The Channel Post Staff
Cisco recently announced its further collaborative efforts with Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre (ADMCC) towards leveraging the power of Cisco’s technology solutions and innovation to support ‘Falcon Eye,’ an integrated, live surveillance system deployed across the city of Abu Dhabi.

Kaspersky uncovers new zero-day exploit

Sarah Rizvi
Kaspersky Lab’s has identified a new Adobe Flash zero day exploit, used in an attack on 10th October by a threat actor known as Black Oasis. The exploit, according to the cybersecurity firm, is delivered through a Microsoft Word document and deploys the FinSpy commercial malware. Kaspersky Lab has reported the vulnerability to Adobe, which has issued an advisory. According to Kaspersky Lab researchers, the zero day, CVE-2017-11292, has been spotted in a live attack, and they advise businesses and government organisations […]