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Beware of popularity-faking tricks on Google Play

The Channel Post Staff
Lukas Stefanko, Malware Researcher at ESET explains the tricks that are played on Google Play for misleading its users about the functionality of apps by displaying bogus download number. It seems that tricksters on Google Play have found another way to make their deceptive apps appear more trustworthy to users – that is, at least at first sight. The trick takes advantage of the fact that apart from app icon and name, there is one more element the user sees […]

5 Steps on the Journey to GDPR Compliance

The Channel Post Staff
Claude Schuck, Regional Manager for Middle East and Central Africa at Veeam Software explains the five steps to achieve the GDPR compliance. There are still a vast number of organizations that have not taken the necessary steps to ensure GDPR compliance? The problem surrounding GDPR compliance is that it’s thought of as being just an ‘IT issue’. Lots of businesses seem to either have an inflated sense of confidence around how they already handle data, or they’re shrugging it off […]

Creating a state of cyber preparedness

Sarah Rizvi
Sachin Bhardwaj, eHosting DataFort, Director, Marketing & Business Development speaks about the need for strengthening the security posture of an organization and offers some options to be prepared for cyberattacks in an age of increasing data breaches, accelerated by the rise of cloud computing, mobile usage and IoT implementations.