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Stolen credentials lead to mass automated attacks

Sarah Rizvi
Digital Shadows has unveiled research into some of the main techniques cybercriminals are using to target organizations using stolen credentials which have been reused across a variety of sites and online forums. The report also outlines what measures organizations can implement to protect against such attacks.

‘It Costs Money to Make Money’ – Middle East Telcos Need to Invest in the Future

Subha Bhargavi
Guest written by : Mohammed Al-Moneer, Regional Director, MENA at A10 Networks The adage “it costs money to make money” has never been more truthful than it is today. Telco Service providers in the Middle East, especially, understand that to build revenue, financial investments are key. But there’s a big difference between spending money and investing in the future. For service providers, the first step to reducing costs is whittling down legacy infrastructure. The bulky old-school boxes taking up too […]