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How secure is your car cleaning firm?

Subha Bhargavi
Guest written by: Alastair Paterson, CEO and Co-Founder, Digital Shadows In today’s connected world securing your own network is simply not enough. Today your digital risk extends not only to your own servers, PCs and other devices in your offices and other locations; it also extends to your mobile workers and other staff working from home, customer sites and other remote locations. But the third, and often ignored, area of digital risk is your supply chain; companies that have access […]

Six Trends That Are Shaping the Mobile Landscape

Chris N. Fernando
Mobile phones have evolved considerably over the past two decades from being just simple communication devices to becoming the most innovative compact entertainment systems empowering people to view content on demand whilst having the ability to share their most intimate moments all from the palm of their hand. Smartphones are rapidly increasing in demand across the world and in the GCC region. In fact, a recent study conducted by Google highlighted that the UAE ranked number one in global smartphone […]

Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Optimizing Operations on the Cloud

Chris N. Fernando
Guest written by: Haider Salloum, SMB Director, Microsoft Gulf Technology has had an undeniably profound effect on the way business in the Gulf region is conducted. Artificial intelligence, machine-learning, 3D-printing, big data, virtualisation, mobility and cloud – all have helped shape a bright new landscape. These technologies have been around for many years, but as they have become more affordable, they have become even more pervasive. Businesses of all sizes, from all industries, at every point in the supply chain, […]