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StarLink launches its Nigeria hub

Sarah Rizvi
Value-Added-Distributor, StarLink has announced that it has expanded into West Africa as part of it global expansion plans and is looking to engage with interested IT Security specialized partners. Nigeria will act as the operational hub for West Africa including neighboring markets such as Ghana.  

A land of great potential

Sarah Rizvi
Africa is an exciting market with great prospects and is being projected as the next emerging market. This is probably the right time to be operating in Africa considering that its economies are growing and its industries are embracing technology. Not only is cloud adoption increasing, internet is also becoming more affordable and accessible which can be leveraged by organisations to use technology to expand their businesses. Also, the absence of a cumbersome legacy infrastructure has given Africa a distinct […]

Konnect Africa Brings Wi-Fi to Rural African Communities

Chris N. Fernando
Konnect Africa, the Eutelsat-owned satellite broadband service provider, has unveiled SmartWIFI, a new hotspot service, as part of its ongoing commitment to bring digital opportunities to Africans. This new service leverages Konnect Africa’s powerful, reliable satellite broadband network to enable sales outlets (retailers, hospitalities, gas stations, etc.) as well as healthcare centres or schools to become a connectivity point and digital gateway to opportunity for the surrounding population. Users will be able to access the internet from a distance of […]