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Focus Softnet announces major push to its cloud strategy

Focus Softnet announces major push to its cloud strategy


Focus Softnet announced a major push on its cloud strategy with an attractive initial offer to its new and existing customers. This announcement comes as a part of the company’s future plans to migrate all of its products and services and users on the cloud.

Ali Hyder, Group CEO, Focus Softnet
Ali Hyder, Group CEO, Focus Softnet

As part of this initiative, the company has planned a major recruitment drive to induct skilled functional and technical resources experienced in cloud and mobile technologies. Focus Softnet also initiated a major restructuring drive that involved adding a 200-seater support center, which resulted in substantial increase in revenues and profits. The company foresees a 25% year on year increase in revenues in 2019.

“At this stage it is imperative for all regional organizations to sit back and take stock of their business fundamentals, external macro-economic conditions, and seriously consider the benefits of migration to a cloud platform. For those organizations that have already adopted on-site or public cloud platforms, they need to assess the longer terms benefits of multi-cloud deployment. Cloud adoption remains the single most important enabler for digital transformation in any type of organization, operating in any type of market segments. Once adopted, enabling a responsive mobile interface is the next logical step,” says Ali Hyder, Group CEO, Focus Softnet.

“Focus Softnet remains poised to help its current and future customers as they rapidly advance in terms of adoption of cloud and responsive mobile interfaces. We are investing aggressively in presales and professional services to boost our capability in this area and to be able to support our customers as they scale out and adopt cloud and mobile solutions from Focus Softnet,” Hyder adds.

The R&D team has developed a new licensing platform geared towards cloud deployment. As against single per company, on-premise license used earlier, Focus 9 on Cloud applies licensing per company, per module, per user. This ensures Focus 9 license deployment can adhere to both private and public cloud with common license certificates.

Focus 9 on cloud is being offered in multiple editions viz Standard, Professional and Enterprise on the same cloud platform and the user has an option to choose modules within each edition.