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Secureworks launches new cybersecurity analytics app

Secureworks launches new cybersecurity analytics app

Wendy Thomas, SVP of Business and Product Strategy

Secureworks launched its new software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that will transform the way companies detect, investigate and respond to cyber threats.

Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a security analytics application that continuously applies more than 20 years of threat intelligence and advanced analytics to customer endpoints, network and cloud deployments. With deep learning and machine learning at its core, Red Cloak TDR is designed to help customers detect advanced threats and reduce their volume of alerts and false positives so they can identify and respond to critical threats faster. Secureworks’ cloud-native application speeds investigations with intuitive workflows and automation, as well as a chat feature that gives users direct access to Secureworks’ team of highly experienced cybersecurity experts. Subscribers will also immediately benefit from the Secureworks network effect: When Secureworks’ Counter Threat Unit identifies a new threat in one of its 4200+ customer environments, a countermeasure will be in the Red Cloak TDR application.

Security environments are often a collection of disconnected layers of security products that leave gaps where threats can dwell undetected for hundreds of days. “Today’s well-armed and coordinated adversaries operate in a collaborative and sophisticated manner, yet the industry continues to rely on disparate tools and siloed, manual investigations,” says Wendy Thomas, SVP of Business and Product Strategy “Red Cloak Threat Detection and Response automates the investigation of high fidelity alerts and integrates decades of experience, knowledge and threat intelligence so enterprises can rapidly take the right action and reduce business risk.”

Intuitive and responsive, Red Cloak TDR integrates Secureworks’ threat intelligence which is compiled from billions of events across thousands of security environments and continuously updated to include new and emerging threats. Additionally, Red Cloak TDR integrates data from a variety of third-party sources to give organizations the best possible understanding of their threat landscape.

Red Cloak TDR is the first in a suite of Red Cloak SaaS solutions from Secureworks to help enterprises reduce complexity in their security operations and become more self-sufficient defending against current and emerging threats.