Home News Prysm introduces new standards for Video Walls to the region
Prysm introduces new standards for Video Walls to the region

Prysm introduces new standards for Video Walls to the region


Leading display and visual collaboration solutions provider, Prysm today launched its Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series in the Middle East. Prysm’s largest interactive, single-panel display will help regional businesses deliver immersive presentations, host collaborative and interactive work sessions and showcase their retail offerings without compromise.

Designed on Prysm’s patented display technology, the LPD 6K Series defines a new category of interactive large-format single panel displays, with bezel-free viewing above 100 inches and screen sizes available at 190 and 135 inches. The first LPD 6K is displayed at Prysm’s regional distributor – FVC’s Innovation Center, located in Dubai Internet City and is targeted at customer experience and briefing centers, premium conference rooms, digital signage deployments and large interactive retail spaces. It addresses the challenges associated with other video wall solutions by offering:

  • A seamless, bezel-free experience
  • A fully interactive touchscreen, often lacking in larger-sized video walls
  • Eco-friendly – using less power than a commercial coffee maker
  • Exceptional viewing from multiple angles and distances
  • Expanded options for installation locations, as the LPD 6K does not require the large amounts of space needed for rear-projection and/or rear service space
  • Seamless interaction with applications such as Dropbox, Google Docs and Skype through Prysm Application Suite (PAS)

Tanvir Osama, vice president EMEA, Prysm said, “The Middle East is on the verge of a massive digital disruption. Our leaders have put ambitious goals and initiatives in place to transform the region into a leading digital economy. With the launch of Prysm’s new LPD 6K Series, we will provide enterprises, their employees and their customers with an exceptional user experience that delivers a unique blend of visual integrity and interactivity to inspire new ideas, drive the business forward, and promote working smarter together.”