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StorageCraft growth gains momentum

StorageCraft growth gains momentum


StorageCraft announced that it has been experiencing strong growth momentum as both channel partners and customers embrace their product line.

Commenting on this successful journey,  Douglas Brockett, president at StorageCraft said, “For too long, legacy big-iron vendors have encouraged IT buyers to think about their data and storage infrastructure in silos. This has created multi-billion dollar protected markets that don’t put the customer first and do very little to help as they become overwhelmed by data growth and the need to ensure its constant availability,”

Douglas Brockett, President at StorageCraft

“Those days are numbered. The market is now turning to vendors that are innovating by collapsing and unifying the entire storage management and protection stack into a single, integrated, self-protecting data infrastructure. This approach breaks down the barriers between primary, secondary and cloud storage and paves the way for a solution that is efficient, cost-effective and an order of magnitude easier to use. Our business momentum bears out this shift in market sentiment.”

According to StorageCraft, The number of servers protected by StorageCraft Cloud Services increased more than 100% YoY, whereas, it’s OneBlox distribution sales increased by 400% YoY . And, the company also claimed that the repeat purchases from existing customers contributed significantly to the company’s success, with more than 45% of StorageCraft OneBlox customers expanding their deployments to seamlessly scale-out their storage infrastructure from Terabytes (TBs) to Petabytes (PBs) without disrupting their business.

Shridar Subramanian, VP of product management and marketing at StorageCraft said “We expect to accelerate these growth indicators over the coming quarters. At VMworld 2018, we will be showcasing modern and ground-breaking solutions based on our vision of deeply integrated data protection, scale-out storage, and cloud-based recovery.”