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Linksys launches new dual-band Velop

Linksys launches new dual-band Velop


Linksys announced the availability of its new Velop Dual-Band Mesh WiFi system offers similar software features found in the Velop Tri-Band including Intelligent Mesh, advanced parental controls, website blocking, Amazon Alexa compatibility, as well as ease of use and set up with the Linksys App but in a smaller form factor with Dual-Band technology at a more affordable price.

Amanullah Khan, Managing Director at Linksys, Middle East, Turkey & Africa.

“Whole Home Wi-Fi Systems have rapidly become popular in the Middle East and the appetite for this continues to grow. As the UAE evolves into a smart and super connected country, we want to bring this evolution to the consumers’ home and business. This revolutionary series of Whole Home Wi-fi System allows consumers to get the best of their broadband subscription while enjoying the enhanced speed, performance, and connectivity at every corner of their home or workplace,” said Amanullah Khan, Managing Director, Linksys, Middle East, Turkey & Africa. “Veolp Dual Band is the perfect product for a UAE household as it meets the networking requirements of the connected family at an affordable cost.”

Velop automatically monitor for updates and apply new software that unlock new features, resolution to security vulnerabilities, and improved performance as they become available.

The new Velop is available in 1-pack, 2-pack and 3-pack options, both Dual-Band and Tri-Band nodes are 100% interoperable and interchangeable and allow for easy upgradability based on a customers’ need. The company claimed that it is also coming out with the Wall Mount version of Velop to put the device at high locations on the wall or remove from shelves for a clutter-free environment.