Home News Infinix and Souq.com to Launch Zero 5 Tomorrow
Infinix and Souq.com to Launch Zero 5 Tomorrow

Infinix and Souq.com to Launch Zero 5 Tomorrow


The Shanghai-based technology company, Infinix, will launch its new flagship model the Zero 5 in Dubai tomorrow.

In partnership with regional e-commerce giant Souq.com, the global unveil of the Zero 5 will take place at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel. The phone will be sold through Souq.com and at Infinix’s point of sales throughout the GCC.

Over 150 customers and VIPs are expected to fly in from around the world for the glamorous event, from countries including India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and the Philippines. Holding the company’s biggest product unveil to date in Dubai affirms Infinix’s belief that the brand has huge potential for growth in the UAE and GCC markets.

“Infinix firmly believes that the Zero 5’s innovative design and features – particularly the camera – will shock the industry and offer Best-in-Class products in the smartphone sector,” said the company in a statement. Infinix is so confident in the Zero 5 and its front and rear cameras that to celebrate launching the phone in Dubai, the company teamed up with a UAE resident artist known locally for his captivating photography.

According to the company, the photographer spent two weeks with a Zero 5 in hand, snapping a range of images such as Dubai’s famous architecture and landscapes, Instagram-style food shots and portrait masterpieces. The photographer’s gallery of Zero 5 work will be displayed exclusively at the Zero 5 launch event.

Alongside the unveil of the Zero 5, Infinix will also announce its latest pair of over-ear active noise-cancelling headphones, the Quiet X.

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