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The business value of storage simplicity

The business value of storage simplicity


Pure Storage commissioned an independent study that surveyed 253 enterprise IT decision-makers responsible for storage technology decisions in order to quantify the business impact that Tier 1 storage had on organizations. In the study, it was found that a majority of the companies surveyed (52% of respondents) had to cancel IT projects due to problems associated with their Tier 1 SAN-based storage arrays. IT organizations that were impacted by poor performance faced a number of key issues, including customer loss, transaction loss and damage to their organization’s reputation.

Disruption for organizations came from a number of sources, including time-consuming array maintenance and tuning, disruptive hardware upgrades and slow provisioning. Interviews also revealed that performance and reliability issues created strained relationships with business stakeholders. In terms of proactively eliminating these issues, enterprise IT organizations we interviewed found that the implementation of an all-flash array enabled them to reduce the aforementioned disruption and provide a productivity boost for their businesses.

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