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Whitepaper: The Rise of Data Chaos

Whitepaper: The Rise of Data Chaos


Businesses large and small have come to realize the opportunity to improve efficiency, agility, speed, growth and profitability through effective use of data. Indeed, the concept of “Big Data” has captured the interest and investment of many companies, especially those that deal with large and growing data sets from diverse sources.

Big Data consists of structured data and unstructured data. Structured data is data that lives in relational databases and is neatly organized into tables, records, rows and columns. And for the past three decades, businesses with technology from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM and others have deployed very capable systems and applications that run on structured data.

But in today’s emerging era of Data Chaos, companies are now looking to also capitalize on all of the unstructured data across their business. Unstructured Data is data that doesn’t live in traditional data stores. It does not have a predefined data model, nor is it organized in a predefined manner.

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