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ManageEngine to Align Business and IT with Help from Zoho

ManageEngine to Align Business and IT with Help from Zoho



Channel Post speaks to Raj Sabhlok, the President of ManageEngine and Nirmal Manoharan, the Regional Director of Sales at ManageEngine, about the company’s new branding strategy at ManageEngine’s 5th User Conference.

Please tell us about today’s announcement?
We are announcing ManageEngine’s new strategy for advancing the state of IT management and aligning IT with business objectives. Our parent company Zoho Corporation will play a key role in the plans as we move forward with integrating Zoho’s cloud-based business apps with the industry’s broadest suite of IT management software. ManageEngine will continue to evolve its applications based on lessons gained from managing the Zoho Cloud. Zoho Cloud today is one of the largest public clouds in the world. We will also continue to work on the contextual integration of the ManageEngine suite.

Will the new branding bring about any changes in the way you interact with your customers or partners?
The branding exercise is more at the corporate level. Since the changes are more in tune with the changing landscape, definitely over a period of time, it will impact the way our operations are being run. It will also have some impact on our channel strategy. However, it is too early to tell. As far as customers are concerned, at this point in time, they will not see any major change in the channel strategies.

What is the basic idea behind combining both business and IT solutions?
Relentless advances in cloud computing, mobility and other technologies are creating new opportunities and challenges for end-user organizations. However, IT teams are often hamstrung by multi-vendor IT management solutions that are functionally disconnected from each other and isolated from the rest of the organization. In turn, IT teams and business units grow further out of sync as IT teams take longer to act on new opportunities while business productivity and continuity suffer, leaving business units to watch opportunities slip away.

What will the new branding strategy bring along?
The future of IT is the intersection of technology and business. Most IT decisions are being made at the line of business or are being influenced at the line of business. IT teams need a suite of integrated tools that can help them work at that level, and we are uniquely qualified to deliver that suite. Zoho is the operating system for business and lives at the line of business. Working even more closely with Zoho puts ManageEngine where we need to be — helping to develop, deploy, manage and secure these critical business applications.

Do you see lots of potential in the regional SMB sector, since you mention ManageEngine is a “Anti-Enterprise” enterprise company?
Yes, we see lots of potential in the regional SMB sector. Over the next 18 months you will see us improving our presence in the region.

So what is the way forward for the company?
In order to improve IT manageability, we have already begun contextually integrating many of our applications, sharing data across applications and enabling IT pros to perform relevant functions of one application from the UI of another. To date, such contextual integrations have been created for the company’s desk, desktop, mobile device, and operations management solutions. The expanded ManageEngine-Zoho relationship promises to push IT-business alignment to new levels. The IT community has already caught a glimpse of this alignment in the form of Analytics Plus, ManageEngine’s self-service IT analytics platform that is powered by Zoho’s business technology.

Later this month, the company will roll out a solution that unites one of its IT management applications with customer account management and billing apps from Zoho. Going forward, the two companies will deliver other integrations to help organizations tightly align their IT operations and business strategies. Meanwhile, IT teams can leverage Zoho Creator, the low-code app development platform, to rapidly build and launch custom, mobile-ready apps.



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