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Red Hat lanuches OpenShift Enterprise 3

Red Hat lanuches OpenShift Enterprise 3


Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift at Red Hat
Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift at Red Hat
Red Hat, announced the general availability of OpenShift Enterprise 3, the first enterprise-ready web-scale container application platform based on Docker format Linux containers, Kubernetes orchestration and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, providing full support from the operating system to application runtimes.

OpenShift Enterprise 3, the next-generation of Red Hat’s award-winning Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, helps organizations accelerate application development and delivery by enabling development and operations teams to be more agile, responsive and efficient.

It delivers a container-based application platform based on Docker and powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux, providing a secure, efficient and portable way to develop, deploy and run application services. This also provides OpenShift users with access to the broadest ecosystem of packaged application components, combined with the security and trust delivered by Red Hat’s Container Certification Program.

To orchestrate enterprise applications that typically span multiple containers and hosts, OpenShift Enterprise 3 also includes Kubernetes, a powerful, web-scale, open source, container orchestration and management engine developed with Google. As a leading contributor to both the Docker and Kubernetes open source projects, Red Hat is not just adopting these technologies but actively building them upstream in the community.

Above this core container infrastructure platform, OpenShift adds a wide selection of tools for developers to create and collaborate on application projects, leveraging OpenShift web, command line, or integrated development environment interfaces. Developers can push their application code directly from GIT and automate the Docker image build process using OpenShift’s innovative source-to-image build capabilities. Developers can also manage application deployments and rollbacks and integrate with their existing development and continuous integration tools. OpenShift

Enterprise 3 includes enterprise middleware services from the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio including application container services with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, Red Hat JBoss Web Server (Tomcat) and messaging services with Red Hat JBoss A-MQ. It also delivers powerful and fully supported container-based development and deployment platform for managing these applications across the lifecycle.

Ashesh Badani, vice president and general manager, OpenShift, Red Hat said, “This release of OpenShift Enterprise 3 employs open source containers and orchestration practices to change the developer experience and move the platform in the direction of what customers are asking for — a flexible platform for a microservices architecture. Our continued upstream work in the Docker and Kubernetes communities enable us to deliver the most updated technology platform for developers and operators, enabling them to remain competitive through quicker innovation.”

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