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Injazat to manage Print services for Dolphin Energy

Injazat to manage Print services for Dolphin Energy


Injazat Data Systems recently inked a 3 year contract with Dolphin Energy to provide Managed Print Services. The solution enables Dolphin Energy to preserve print job confidentiality and support its commitment to minimize environmental impact through effective waste management programs that also enable increased savings in printing and copying costs.

Ibrahim Lari, MD, Injazat Data Systems

Under the contract, Injazat will supply, install and commission the latest multi-function imaging and printing devices as part of a comprehensive service plan designed to develop a stable, reliable, scalable and agile infrastructure. “Injazat’s Managed Print Service is fully customised to match the printing requirements of Dolphin Energy, enhancing business performance while promoting a more sustainable, environment friendly printing infrastructure.

The solution optimises and standardises printing operations by aligning businesses and goals to address critical print challenges through powerful, scalable and reliable products. Such a comprehensive solution is in line with Injazat’s mission to deliver long-term value and benefits based on excellence in customer service and leadership in technology and innovation,” said Ibrahim Lari, MD, Injazat Data Systems.

Injazat will commence the rollout over the next two months. First-level support will also begin and will be provided utilizing both Injazat’s on-site staff and proactive monitoring of the printing devices. The contract also covers second-level and third-level support for major equipment failures and maintenance.

Injazat’s Managed Print Service fully complements Dolphin Energy’s waste management plan by helping to maintain paper printing efficiency, while ensuring that toners, fusers, and other consumables are disposed of in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Moreover, the solution helps minimise energy consumption by reducing the number of devices and implementing advanced power-saving features on the multi-function printing devices. Commenting on the contract, Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Al Ansari, General Manager, Dolphin Energy UAE, said: “We are very pleased to enter this agreement with Injazat because it furthers our commitment to embedding the principles of sustainability into our operations.